Build your BEST team of superior performers and identify your high potentials...
Is your organization struggling with any of these challenges?

· High turnover
· Bad hiring/promoting decisions
· No way of identifying your “high potentials”
· Ineffective hiring/selection process
· Hiring Managers with a lack of behavioral interviewing skills
· Benchmarking Positions – identifying and securing good hires consistently
· Managing the skills gap – soft skills and hard skills for your needs

· Lack of Succession Planning
· Ineffective Leadership/Management Training
· Lack of a transfer of training for some staff
· Building a culture that promotes Superior Performers
· Improving Employee Morale and Motivating Employers – find their Drivers
· Identifying employee’s competency gaps
· Change management
· Effective communication skills and strategies
· Conflict management

  we can help you · Engage Teams
· Train Your Staff for Optimal Performance
· Benchmark for jobs and not the person using Key Accountabilities
· Advance Leaders
· Discover Talent
· Improve Communications
· Reduce Turnover
· Provide you with the Tools to Identify the Right Talent at the Right Time
· Successful and Effective Onboarding
· Executive Coaching
· T3: Certify your team to train in DISC and Motivators/Driving Forces

· DISC (Behavioral) Assessments
· Motivators/Drivers Assessments
· EQ (Emotional Quotient) Assessments
· Competencies Assessments
· Acumen (HD) Assessments

Please reference or download our listing of available assessments here...

ikuw assessments


assessment solutions
Successful onboarding leads to higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment and reduction in stress. Onboarding can’t be limited to one day’s worth of learning, team building and engagement; rather, this process needs to be ongoing throughout the first several months of the employee’s start date to ensure workplace readiness and buy-in from all parties.

Our job-benchmarking process enables organizations to assess a specific job — not the person — and the qualifications required for candidates to be successful. From there, our tailored process can be used in selection and development to create better overall job fit, buy-in and vastly improve retention.

  development & succession planning
Growth and advancement on the part of employees and the organization occurs when business strategies align to fuel a culture of innovation. Those organizations that foster a culture of continuous learning find that developing knowledge-seeking talent pays tremendous dividends in gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We believe superior performers are selected when the job is able to talk, and our selection process begins with an understanding of the intrinsic knowledge and key accountabilities needed to be successful in a specific job. To find the best talent, we recommend executing a streamlined process that measures an individual’s Behaviors (DISC), Motivators, soft skill competencies for the job in question.

At its core, executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to improve employee performance, growth and satisfaction. Coaches must have a strong understanding of workplace differences, as well as the ability to adapt their coaching style and strategies to establish influence and an incentivized experience. This action will further an organization’s performance going forward.

why assessments?

  TTI Success Insights uses multi-sciences in their assessments
In a recent study conducted by TTI, the development and research team found that serial entrepreneurs were correctly identified 60% of the time using only DISC. The same study yielded 92% accuracy when the team added data from Motivators and Competencies assessments. The Results = Assessments employing multiple sciences allow us to discover the best talent and increase workforce productivity. (TTISI, 2015)

  Adverse Impact
A study completed in 2014 concluded that there is no evidence to suggest that any TTI assessments measuring could cause adverse impact with regard to gender, race, disability or veteran status. All subgroups were EEOC compliant, well within the guideline of 80 percent, and well within the first standard deviation from the population mean.

TTISI White Paper


  Validity & Reliability
Validated by 30 years of science and research from Target Training International, we are committed to constantly improving our assessments. Data norming, structured equation sampling and rigorous data analysis help ensure our assessments are the most validated tools in the marketplace.

The latest research, conducted this year, solidifies our position as the research-driven leader in assessment validity. This independent study, conducted by Delwyn L. Harnisch, Ph.D., has affirmed the reliability and efficacy of TTI Success Insights’ (TTI) Style Insights® and Motivation Insights® assessments.

Click here to explore more about the assessment validity. You may also read the press release or download the research studies on behaviors or motivators:

Motivational Insights Study



Style Insights Study


  Predictive assessments

  Have used their assessments
More than 100,000 companies over 30 years.

  Best in Class
In side-by-side comparisons with competitors in immediate impact and completeness.

Safely provide compliance with EEIC and OFCCP.

  Science-based assessments – 5 sciences

  Highly effective
For building teams, hiring, retaining, talent training and development that produces results.
assessment categories
  DISC (Behavioral) Assessments

  Motivators/Drivers Assessments

  EQ (Emotional Quotient) Assessments

  Competencies Assessments

  Acumen (HD) Assessments

assessment types
  For Anyone
Assessments can be done for individuals, two-person focused, teams, departments or organizations as whole. It really is based on your needs and your goals. If you are dealing with conflict between two members of your team, we can focus on the two participants. If you're trying to access the current behaviors, motivators and competencies of your staff in specific positions or across the board, we can apply these assessments, coaching and consulting at a higher level.

If you are trying to identify your “high potentials” for succession planning, these are the perfect solutions for your organization. Imagine if you could clone some of your top performers? Let us help you identify those candidates with a 92% accuracy and predictability standard.

  EQ (Emotional Quotient) Assessments

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