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excel 2013 intermediate
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For any Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office user with a basic understanding of how to use a mouse and keyboard and navigate between different programs.

A basic understanding of how to navigate in Windows 7 or later, and to navigate and utilize the basic functions of Excel.
This course will teach students how to work with large worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2013, and use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently. It will introduce them to more advanced formatting techniques, such as applying special number formats, using workbook styles and themes, adding backgrounds, and mimicking watermarks. In addition, students will learn how to create outlines and subtotals, and how to create and apply cell names. They will sort and filter data, and create and format tables. They will learn how to save workbooks as Webpages, how to insert and edit hyperlinks, and how to share workbooks via email. Students will learn how to audit worksheets for errors, how to protect worksheets, how to share and merge workbooks, and track changes in a workbook. Finally, students will customize the Excel environment, and create and modify custom templates.
This course will cover the following topics...
1: Managing Workbooks and Worksheets
1: Managing Workbooks and Worksheets
  • This module will explore working efficiently with large workbooks and linking data between workbooks.

    • Viewing large workbooks
    • Printing large workbooks
    • Working with multiple worksheets
    • Linking worksheets with 3-D formulas
    • Using multiple workbooks
    • Linking workbooks
2: Advanced Formatting
2: Advanced Formatting
  • This module will cover the advanced formatting options available within Excel 2013.

    • Using special number formats
    • Working with themes
    • Other advanced formatting
3: Outlining and Subtotals
3: Outlining and Subtotals
  • This module will cover how to consolidate your data and utilizing outlines and subtotals.

    • Outlining and consolidating data
    • Creating subtotals
4: Cell and Range Names
4: Cell and Range Names
  • This module will focus on creating and utilizing range names in Excel.

    • Creating and using names
    • Managing range names
5: Data Structure and Tables
5: Data Structure and Tables
  • This module will cover some of the most powerful features available within Excel to track, sort, filter and manage your data.

    • Sorting and filtering data
    • Working with tables
6: Web and Sharing Features
6: Web and Sharing Features
  • This module will focus on using the web features within Excel.

    • Saving workbooks as web pages
    • Using hyperlinks
    • Sharing workbooks
7: Documenting and Auditing
7: Documenting and Auditing
  • Learn how to utilize comments, auditing and protection features in Excel.

    • Auditing features
    • Comments in cells and workbooks
    • Protection
    • Workgroup collaboration
8: Application Settings and Templates
8: Application Settings and Templates
  • This module will demonstrate how to save your file as a template and work with templates, as well as modifying application settings.

    • Application settings
    • Working with templates
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