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office 365: a day in the life of the end-user
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This one-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to productively utilize Office 365. The course focuses on day in the life scenarios for working in Outlook Web Access (OWA), accessing new features of Outlook utilizing Exchange, Lync and SharePoint and Web Apps associated with SharePoint.
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This course is intended for information workers who have used Microsoft Office and basic navigation skills. This course is also intended to provide Technology-Influencing Business Decision Makers (TIBDM) in need of gaining an understanding of how Office 365 can increase employee productivity, share information easily and complete tasks faster.

A basic understanding of how to navigate in Windows 7 and to open Office programs.
Students will gain a solid understanding of what is included with Office 365 and how to efficiently use the features of Office 365.
This course will cover the following topics...
1: What is Office 365?
1: What is Office 365?
  • This module explains how to maximize the utilization of Office 365, and is designed to help you be more productive in your work day. This module will go through navigation and customization of the Office 365 interface.

    • What makes up Office 365?
    • How is Office 365 integrated?
    • Explore the Office 365 Interface
    • Access the App Launcher
    • Explore the Options Menu
2: Collaborate with Others
2: Collaborate with Others
  • This module explains how to utilize Skype for Business to collaborate with others through instant message, call, video and sharing of information.

    • Create and locate a contact
    • Create custom contact groups
    • Communicate with a contact through instant message, call and video
    • Share a program, desktop screen, PowerPoint presentation or document with contacts
    • Create an ad-hoc group meeting instantly and proactively
    • Record your meetings and locate them
    • Explore integration with other Outlook, OneNote and Microsoft Office co-authoring
3: Store, Share, Access Documents from Anywhere
3: Store, Share, Access Documents from Anywhere
  • This module explores OneDrive for Business, where users can easily store their documents and share and access them from anywhere on any device. Users will learn how to share with others and find and access the documents that have been shared with them.

    • Navigating OneDrive for Business
    • Share features of OneDrive for Business
    • Syncing OneDrive for Business with their device
    • Upload documents to OneDrive for Business
    • Creating a new Office document from the OneDrive for Business Ribbon
    • Other features of OneDrive for Business
    • Finding OneDrive for Business documents in Delve
4: Locate and Share Information
4: Locate and Share Information
  • This module explains how SharePoint can be a great source to locate and share information about yourself and the documents you work with.

    • Navigate a Team Site
    • Share a site or document with others
    • Working with documents and view within Outlook
    • Working with calendar and view within Outlook
    • Edit documents Online or in Application and Collaborate on Documents
    • Add apps to a SharePoint site, such as a Project Timeline and Tasks
    • Modify the About Me profile in Delve
    • Search within a SharePoint Site
5: Using Office Online with Documents
5: Using Office Online with Documents
  • This module explains how you can view and modify a document in a web browser and access from any device and any location. Will explore Office Online for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.

    • View a document in a web browser
    • Modify a document in a web browser
    • Share a document in a web browser
    • Transition editing from Office Online to the Office Application on the fly
    • Explore the features of OneNote and integration with Outlook, Skype for Business and other Office applications
6: Working with Outlook Web Access (OWA)
6: Working with Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • This module explains how to work with e-Mail using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

    • Review the User Interface
    • Explore enhanced features in OWA and integration with OneDrive for Business
    • Learn how to send and reply to mail
    • Learn how to turn on out of office
    • Learn how work with calendar
7: Using New Features in Outlook 2013/2016
7: Using New Features in Outlook 2013/2016
  • This module explains how to utilize new features within Outlook 2013/16 when working with Office 365 Exchange.

    • View Mail Tips. See when someone is out of the office when creating a message.
    • Conversation View
    • Ignore a message
    • Clean up the Inbox
    • Utilize Information Rights Management (IRM)
    • Explore DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features
    • See integration with Office 365
    • Review apps and features available in Outlook
    • Customize the Outlook interface
    • Integrate tasks with SharePoint, as well as OneNote
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